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Most Recent Lost Pets

Name Breed Gender Location  
Mayzee Loo Greyhound Female Orlando, FL »»
ROSIE Poodle Female Tucson, AZ »»
Miller Golden Retriever Male Higley, AZ »»
Tommy Other Male Torrance, CA »»
ceasar Mix/Other/Unknown Male Shirley, NY »»
Benny Domestic Shorthair Male Palmyra, NJ »»
Other/Cat Male Lockhart, FL »»
sky Mastiff Female Round Rock, TX »»
Max Great Dane Male Toledo, OH »»
Laney Cocker Spaniel Female »»
Most Recent Found Pets

Name Breed Gender Location  
American Staffordshire Terrier Female Salt Lake City, UT »»
Spazz Domestic Shorthair Male Reynoldsburg, OH »»
Mix/Other/Unknown Female Atlanta, GA »»
clipsy Greyhound Male Pensacola, FL »»
Puggie Labrador Retriever Male San Antonio, TX »»
Domestic Shorthair Male New Port Richey, FL »»
? Mix/Other/Unknown Male Frisco, TX »»
Unknown Collie Female Baltimore, MD »»
Other Female Ringwood, NJ »»
?? Domestic Shorthair Female Anderson, OH »»

Tips to Help Find A Lost Dog or Lost Cat

There are lots of resources that have information on finding a lost pet. Here are some highlights that will help you focus on the important items to cover. Obviously finding a lost dog is different than a lost cat but the basics are the same. Check to make sure the pet is actually lost. Make sure he/she is not out with a family member, in the back yard, or hiding somewhere unusual. Don't yell or get upset if you find your lost dog or cat. This will only encourage it to keep away from you. Get excited, be friendly and happy while calling it.

Find out how long the lost dog or cat has been missing.

Try to determine how long the pet has been lost. This will give you an idea of how far he may have wandered. Find out who was the last one to actually see the dog or cat. If it is within 20 minutes, he may be still around the street, yard or immediate area. Take into account whether your dog or cat tends to wander if accidently let loose or bolts off down the street. He most likely did the same thing.

Send someone to look in the immediate area while another contacts friends and neighbors.

It is important to get the word out fast while looking. If you have kids in your neighborhood, ask them if they have seen the lost dog or cat. See if they can help you look if it is safe to do so. Kids on bikes can cover alot of ground. Ask other dog or cat owners if they have seen him. They will tend to be more attentive to a loose dog or cat. If it is possible to have someone on bike and someone in a car, this is ideal.

Keep looking and start creating a lost pet poster.

Create a poster to put around the area that get alot of foot traffic. Mail boxes, community centers, parks. We will be offering the ability to make a poster out of your lost pet ad that is listed here at soon. This will have your pet photo, the map where the lost dog or cat was last seen and details that you can add. Look for it soon.

Check at animal shelters, vets and dog parks.

There is an excellent website out there that lets you search many animal shelters. Make sure you check all of the shelters around your area. You can contact local vets to see if anyone has brought in a lost dog or cat as well. Finally, check at any local dog parks to see if anyone there has seen your lost dog. It's possible someone found your dog and will bring it there for exercise or to see if anyone knows who the owner of the dog is.

Don't give up hope.

We get numerous emails from people who tell us that their lost pets have returned home after as many as 5 days wandering around. Posters and people in your area are most likely to find your pet. Make that a priority and keep looking.