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When a family has a pet dog, it often becomes like another member of the family. For that reason, losing a dog can be as stressful as finding that a family member has gone missing. When there is no sign of a beloved family pet, it may seem helpless but, actually, many lost pets are safely returned to their families. It is important to act quickly and know exactly where to look for a lost pet to have the best chance of having them come home safely.

When a family first notices that their dog has gone missing, they must spring into action immediately. The first thing they should do is drive around the neighborhood to see if they can find the dog on their own. Most lost dogs are recovered within a two miles radius of their home. If the dog does not turn up in that first search, contact local animal shelters and register the animal as missing.

The next thing that must be done if a dog cannot be found right away is expanding the search party by letting the community know about the missing pet. The best way to do this is with a colorful and eye catching flyer that offers some kind of a reward. The flyer should include a picture of the pet, provide information on where the pet was last seen, what it would answer to, and contact information for the owner. If a dog is lost in a bilingual community, it is a good idea to post the flyer in both languages.

While looking through the neighborhood and hoping that someone will respond to the flyers, it is a good idea to check local shelters as well as shelters in the surrounding area. By accessing the web sites of these shelters, it is usually easy to find a list of found pets at the shelter. It is a good idea to check not only the local shelter but also shelters in three to five adjoining counties since there is no telling how far the dog may have gone.

The majority of lost pets are returned to their owners safely. However, once a pet has been missing for an extended period of time, it is necessary to acknowledge the possibility that something may have happened to it. Shelters also maintain lists of dead animals that they have picked up. Although checking these lists can be a gruesome task, it is important to know if something did happen to a pet so that the family can properly grieve and move forward.

Losing a family pet can be extremely stressful but there is a great chance of finding it when the owner takes the proper steps. Create a poster that will help anyone who sees it identify the missing pet and help get it home. Remember to check surrounding areas and stay optimistic that the dog will come home safely.

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